U.S. Sending Troops Into Jordan Sign of Slipping Control Over Mideast

President Obama’s foreign policy continues to implode in the Middle East as the U.S. is now sending American troops into Jordan to back up that country’s military when the violence in Syria spreads over the border, Leon Panetta has announced.

That it will spread seems almost certain. Syria and Turkey, a NATO ally, have been shelling each other for days, and Iraq, which had been a U.S. ally (or at least vassal) under President Bush, has begun buying Russian weapons and verbally supporting Syria, while Iran has been providing military support and advice to its ally.

Just yesterday, Turkish F-16 fighter jets forced down a Syrian airliner that Turkish officials say was full of Russian weapons meant for Damascus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cancelled a planned trip to Ankara, during which Turkish officials had hoped to convince him to back off support for Syria’s Bashar Assad.

The only reason Syria hasn’t been subject to a U.N. embargo is because of vetoes by Russia and China, both of which are on the Security Council.

By openly sending troops into the fringes of the conflict, Obama is trying to reassert control over a situation that he helped create but that has gone wildly out of control.

The Arab Spring, sold to the U.S. public as a wave of democratic fervor overthrowing Muslim tyrants to establish liberty, has instead given a powerful stronghold to the Muslim Brotherhood from which to exert its will toward its ultimate goal of a Muslim caliphate.

The “spontaneous” attacks and demonstrations throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia were just the first message from the Brotherhood telling Obama who’s really in charge.

If U.S. troops become involved in fighting in Syria or Jordan, they will be working alongside the Syrian “rebels” who are Obama’s proxies in this war. Many of them are Muslim Brotherhood-recruited members of al Qaida, some of whom were even recruited from Afghanistan and Pakistan, fresh from fighting against our troops there.

When Obama first ran for office, he was promising to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, he expanded fighting in Afghanistan, handed Iraq over to a government that was divided in its loyalties at best and tried to reshape the Middle East in what he thought was his own image.

Now with his Arab Spring plan’s failure in open view, and the State Department tripping over itself to cover up for the boss, Obama is willing to spend more American lives and money in a pointless war he helped start that threatens to ignite into a full-blown conflict between Russia and NATO, with the most likely result being the creation of a new Ottoman Empire.