U.S. State Department Using Funds to Start LGBT Network in India

Because “American exceptionalism” means our government has a global mission to spread LGBT acceptance in other countries.

The State Department has already made a major push to force homosexual “rights” and same-sex “marriage” on nations all over the world. Now they are using funds to “stimulate” (my term) LGBT activism in India. CNS News reports, “State Dept to Spend $49,083 to Create a Network to Support the LGBT Community in India.”

The State Department is planning to spend $49,083 in taxpayer funds for a one-time grant to establish a network to support the LGBT community in India.

The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi is soliciting proposals for the grant titled, “Creating a Network to Support the LGBT Community in India,” which will create a “national network focused on LGBT issues in India.”

The grant will pay for “leadership development programs for existing LGBT organizations with the goal of providing them the tools to establish capabilities to advance LGBT access to services available to all Indian citizens including health care and government public services.”

The grant is intended to change the public perception of LGBT Indians.

It is designed to increase capacity of LGBT to take part in “organized, collaborative, networking efforts that will increase discourse between citizens and local officials about the needs of all citizens.”

“Examples of similar efforts have included, a Transgender Board in the state of Tamil Nadu that examines ‘various problems faced by the community and to formulate and execute welfare schemes for the betterment’ of LGBT citizens,” the grant stated.

As a result, the LGBT community will be “better able to promote dialogue with diverse stakeholders, such as faith leaders, local and national authorities, and others.”

I’m not certain how much of the actual funds come directly from taxpayers. The grant comes from the Global Equality Fund, which is described as a “public-private partnership” which leaves us in the dark about how the funding breaks down. However, the State Department is a tax-fed industry and their work here puts the authority of the entire federal government behind the grant.

People claim that Barack Obama doesn’t believe in “American exceptionalism.” Sadly, they are wrong. He believes it is the role of the United States to push for the acceptance of sexual perversity all over the world. He thinks it is our mission and purpose.