Uber Is Our Designated Driver Unless Government Stops It

The government promotes using a designated driver, but politicians are warring against one that is actually reducing drunk driving.

You have heard the advice: Have a designated driver. If you are going to be at a party or some other place that you will have to leave from, have a designated driver who won’t drink and will drive you home.

But arranging a designated driver is not always easy. In the first place, many people don’t intend to drink too much and then realize that they are not fit to drive. Others simply don’t plan far enough ahead or don’t have enough friends to make it work.

Arranging for a personal friend to be a designated driver is a bit like trying to participate in a barter economy. You have to find the right people for it to work.

But Uber makes finding a designated driver much easier, like converting a barter economy to one that uses a currency.

Our politicians are suspicious of or hostile to Uber and other ridesharing operations. Bernie Sanders warns that Uber is “unregulated.” Horrors! Hillary Clinton is also against Uber. But Uber has significantly reduced drunk driving in one city.

Breitbart.com reports, “Uber Lowers Drunk Driving Arrests in S.F.–Dramatically.”

There were only two drunken driving arrests last New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, the lowest since 2009, according to crime statistics from the San Francisco Police Department provided to the Ferenstein Wire.

The recent data comes on the heels of a new study revealing that the introduction of Uber’s low-cost service, UberX, reduces drunk driving deaths all over California.

Temple University’s Brad Greenwood and Sunil Wattal published a new paper  which finds that (not surprisingly) cheap taxi-like options make it easier for people to make the safer decision and call an Uber or Lyft rather than driving home themselves.

If the benefits of Uber in California were extended to the entire country, ride-sharing would save billions of dollars and hundreds of lives.

“Economically, results indicate that the entrance of Uber X results in a 3.6%-5.6% decrease in the rate of motor vehicle homicides per quarter in the state of California. With more than 13k deaths occurring nationally each year due to alcohol related car crashes at a cost of 37 billion dollars, results indicate that a complete implementation of Uber X would create a public welfare net of over 1.3 billion to American taxpayers and save roughly 500 lives annually,” wrote the team.

This is a perfect example of how members in society can innovate to solve their problems. It is thus also a perfect example of how politicians hurt society by preventing people from offering these solutions.