UK Anti-Terrorism Program Targets Christian Children

Using the excuse of an anti-terrorism program, UK education alerts teachers to children who view homosexual activity as wrong.

You can say to yourself that this is only happening in Britain and not here. But it is certainly going to happen here and it probably already is happening. The only difference is the plans and programs are still hidden.

Does anyone seriously think there isn’t a government database of all the Facebook profiles that refused to post rainbow images in celebration of the Supreme Court’s fiat creation of a right to same-sex “marriage”?

According to the Telegraph, “Children who say homosexuality is ‘wrong’ could be viewed as extremist threat – Education Secretary.”

Children who speak out in class against homosexuality could be viewed as potential extremists under Government guidelines intended to prevent Islamist terrorism, Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, has suggested.

Mrs Morgan said comments by children that they consider homosexuality to be “wrong” or “evil” could “trigger” concerns from teachers under guidance designed to help schools detect possible radicalisation.

Traditionalist Christians said Mrs Morgan’s remarks implied that anyone who raised their children in line with conservative religious teaching on sexuality would now be viewed with suspicion.

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Britain truly does seem to have a problem with Islamic extremists. Maybe it shouldn’t have brought them into the country. But having created cultural chaos and using a public school system to “deal with it,” it now has to basically institute unapologetic mind control on students. And, in doing so, Christian and Islamic students both get bullied by Big Brother:

Asked, during an interview on BBC Radio 4 if this meant that if a child questioned democracy a teacher would have to take action, she replied: “No, I think schools should be a safe space for young people to explore all sorts of ideas.

“But we have since last year been very clear that schools should also be teaching British values – those are the things that we all hold dear.”

She continued: “I think there are things like tolerance, and there are lines that young people or anyone else could tip over.”

Asked for an example, she said: “It could be for example, as we’ve seen, sadly Isil are extremely intolerant of homosexuality.”

Pressed on whether if a child said they believed homosexuality was “evil” or “wrong” that teachers might consider them a “danger”, she replied: “It could trigger a thought, it would depend very much on the context in which that was being discussed.

“But teachers would discuss it as they do already when they are concerned about children who are at risk of perhaps being drawn into a gang or being exploited or being neglected at home.

“This is a safeguarding issue.”

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “Many families believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

“Are these families now to be officially treated with suspicion and even linked with extremism?

“Are teachers going to be required to spy on them and even reported to the police?”

She added: “We are on the verge of a sinister new era of ‘thought-policing’ in our schools.”

Again, if you think this is only going to happen on the other side of the Atlantic, you are being extremely naïve. And if you think the kind of people who occupy our tax-fed Education establishment can be generally trusted to use common sense and respect for the children and their families, you are being even more naïve.