UK Demonstrates Central Bankster Exploitation

The freedom and future prosperity of the Western world depends on freeing ourselves from the shackles of Central Banking debt, and returning to economies based on assets and capital–economies that benefit from actually making things and serving others, rather than playing financial games that add nothing of real value to life in this world.

Consider this story from the Daily Mail: “Greedy bankers STILL don’t get it.”

The astonishing greed of bankers was laid bare last night as it was revealed their salaries soared by more than a third last year.

While the rest of the nation coped with an unprecedented squeeze on incomes, City workers were enjoying the high life, with the top 2,700 taking home an average of £1.6million each.

The figure – which makes Britain’s financial elite the highest paid in Europe – flies in the face of the banks’ repeated claims that they have scaled down enormous pay rewards in the wake of the financial crisis.

Last night there were claims that the sector had learned nothing from the greatest financial crash for decades – a crisis that their own greed and incompetence was in part to blame for.

The figures also follow a string of scandals at the country’s lenders over mis-selling, failing to help struggling small businesses, and rigging lending rates. Campaigners said that while City salaries have soared, ordinary families are still facing the worst squeeze on household income in living memory.

Average workers saw wages rise by a minuscule 0.8 per cent last year, well below the rate of inflation.

But figures from City-based watchdog the European Banking Authority show that last year 2,714 ‘high earners’ received salary, bonus and pension packages worth at least £830,000.

This is 12 times the number in any other EU country.

Central Banking and Power Politics are symbiotic leaches that suck the life out of the average man, in favor of the elites who think they know enough to run everyone else’s life (and who often show little signs of even caring for anyone but themselves).

The Fed must die.