Is Ukraine about to Be Invaded?

While America is distracted with manufactured and mischaracterized conflicts, others around the world—in Ukraine and the Baltic States, especially—are facing down a rising threat from a Bear named Vladimir Putin. Russia’s President clearly sees the West’s weak leadership, and is preparing to seize an opportunity to pounce.

eagle bear

Step into the shoes of the Ukrainian girl who wrote this poem, and the Lithuanian artists who put it to music. Here are people who understand that freedom is infinitely more vital than standing in line to get “deep discounts” on a bunch of ephemeral and unimportant crap.

After Russians have invaded Crimea, Ukrainian girl Анастасия Дмитрук wrote a poem. When some Lithuanians heard it, they could relate to it so well, that they have made a song out of it – the song is in Russians, so that Russians could understand why is it that Ukrainians (and Lithuanians) do not like them:

We will never be brothers
neither by fatherland, nor by mother
You do not have the spirit to be free
You and us cannot even be allies
You have proclaimed yourself to be senior
we may be younger, but we are not yours
You are so many but, what a pity, you are all faceless
You are big but we are grand
You keep pushing us… you keep drudging
You will choke on your own envy
Will – that word is unknown to you
Ever since your childhood you’ve been in chains
At your place “silence is gold”
While at ours Molotov cocktails are burning
Yes, the blood in our hearts is hot
What are you to us – blind “kinsfolk”?
Our eyes are fearless
Unarmed we are still dangerous
We have matured and become bold
At the gunpoint of a sniper
Executors knocked us down on our knees
But we have risen up and got even
The rats are not running to hide for nothing
they will bath in their own blood
You keep getting new orders
We have flames of revolution are burning here
You have Tsar, we have Democracy
We will never be brothers.

Russia is savaging Ukraine, day-by-day, and they’re now (see first comment) building a case for an invasion of the Baltics next. Meanwhile, “leaders” in the West sleep, and worry about winning the next election to maintain their perks, and the illusion of power.