UN Reacts to India Rape but Not to Abuse of Women by Muslims

One of the biggest international news stories over the Christmas holiday was the brutal gang rape and beating of a young woman in Delhi, India that left the victim with fatal injuries.  The woman, a bright medical student and her fiancé were picked up by a charter bus on Dec. 16 in South Delhi.  Six men on board the bus, including the driver, attacked the couple, beating them with pipes, stripping them, raping the woman and then threw both of them off the moving bus.  The girl was flown to a hospital to receive special treatment for her wounds, but she died and her body returned to her family in Delhi to be cremated according to Hindu custom.

The incidences of rape have been steadily increasing in the Indian capital province.  In 2008, there were 466 reported rapes and 635 cases of rape so far this year in Delhi.  Many of the rapes are committed by gangs and so far this year there have been 745 arrests, but the incidences continue to climb.

Many around the world have called for the Indian government to take stronger action to protect women.  Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations joined in the call for the Indian government to take more action to protect the women of the nation.  In his statement, he said:

“Every girl and woman has the right to be respected, valued and protected.”

This is great that the UN wants to see women protected, but why do they continue to turn a deaf ear on the violence committed against women by Muslims all over the world?  Not only is the UN silent about Muslim violence against women, but almost every human rights group and the US government also remain silent on the subject.

In the US, the government went after the leaders of a Mormon sect that practiced polygamy, but then do virtually nothing when Muslim men in the US beat, rape and even kill their women in so-called honor killings.

Why is the world afraid of offending Muslims but not afraid of offending any other religions?  Are they afraid of Muslim retribution?  If so, they are allowing one form of religious extremism to rule the world while condemning all other religious extremism.  No wonder Islam is one of the fastest growing religions of the world that is taking over whole cities, states and provinces and even nations.

I have friends in the United Kingdom that have told me that Muslims have taken over large areas of their country and no one dares to say or do anything against them for fear of retribution.  Now realize that President Obama continues to support and arm Muslims around the world, even though doing so is an act of treason as defined by the US Constitution.