Those Uneducated McDonald Workers Were Striking to Give Their Jobs To College Graduates

Is the staff at McDonald’s and Burger King about to get an upgrade?

As my friend, Jeremy, points out, this may very well be the case. If the Labor Unions and their fast-food working pawns get their wish—and the minimum-wage goes to $15—most of the current workers at those places will be fired, and higher-quality workers will be manning the lines.

If the labor organizers get their way, and I believe they eventually will, McDonalds is going to be landing college grads for the front counter. Seriously, have the folks that are protesting outside of McDonalds headquarters really not considered the consequences of what they want? Let me lay it out for you. There are a ton of people out of work right now. We have the lowest labor force participation rate since the Great Depression. A lot of the people that are currently out of work, or who have given up looking for work, used to make around 15 dollars per hour. Some are even college educated. Most at least have a high school education. They are more dependable, have better critical thinking skills, and have better communication skills than the folks making minimum wage now. Newsflash to all you that want a mandatory minimum wage to lift you out of poverty. As soon as McDonalds, and other employers, are forced to pay 15 dollars per hour minimum wage, when they need to replace one of the current minimum wage earners, they will begin replacing them with more qualified applicants. Why would they pay 15 dollars per hour for someone in the skill range of the person they just let go, when they could hire someone more educated, and more dependable to replace him or her? The phony unemployment number the government pawns off on us will remain unchanged when this happens. It may even go down. But if we look behind the number, we will find that unemployment among the poorest of the poor in our country will likely double because of the “living wage policy”.  That’s very bad news for the poor people that McDonalds currently, and evidently, ungratefully employs. But it’s great news for the consumer. Except for the price increase we’re all going to see, which is bad I grant, at least we are going to eat fresh burgers and fries, provided to us by well groomed attentive cashiers in a clean restaurant. 

How many people are unemployed? How many of those would apply, if the wage at McDonald’s went to $15-plus? You can bet that many who have been whining and carrying signs about the unfairness of the minimum-wage would no longer have to worry about such an injustice—they would be unemployed.

As much as Progressives may try, you can’t repeal economic laws, and you can’t imagine away human nature.