When Ungrateful, Economic Illiterates Go On Strike, Thank Them for Identifying Themselves

From USA Today: “Fast food workers strike for higher wages.”

Hundreds of fast food workers walked off their jobs in dozens of U.S. cities on Thursday — reportedly forcing at least a few locations to temporarily close or re-staff while mostly managers filled-in — as sympathetic protesters in several dozen countries joined in a united call for wages of $15 an hour and the right to form a union.

No violence was reported early Thursday. Restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC are being targeted. The strike, targeting the $200 billion fast-food industry at a time of intense competition, is aimed at directing consumer attention to the low wages of most fast-food workers. The one-day campaign continues protests launched 18 months ago.

Strikers claim that managers opted to close down a Burger King in Dorchester, Mass, where a half dozen workers were striking, but Burger King officials could not immediately confirm that. “During this time, customer service and quality will remain a top priority in Burger King restaurants,” company spokesman Alix Salyers said, in a statement. While McDonald’s officials insist that no McDonald’s restaurants have been closed anywhere due to the strike, protesters insist that several have.


Dijon Thornton, 22, a cashier, has worked at a Wendy’s in Harlem for the last year and a half. On Thursday morning, he walked out of work as the store was readying to serve breakfast. For him, the decision was about asking for respect, in the form of better pay. He says that paying him $8 an hour is like “spitting in my face.”

Dear fast food restaurant owners: If the workers know about days like this coming, surely you can learn about them, too.

Print up huge “Help Wanted” and “Now Hiring” signs in advance of the next staged event, and provide an education to any ungrateful louts you may have currently on your staff.

Dear ungrateful and clueless fast food worker: If you want a higher wage, increase your level of skills, and do something that provides more value to an employer. You don’t deserve more money just because you’re still breathing.

Dear Dijon Thornton: If I were your boss, I would apologize for metaphorically “spitting in your face,” and fire your rear-end immediately.