Unionized Public Employees Allegedly Rig Overtime

Of course, the unionized public employees, in this case, were police officers:

For those who don’t have time to watch the video, this story began with “Jerry,” a cop who has himself caught speeders with radar gun as he was caught in the Houston area. But precisely because he has issued tickets to others, he recognized what was wrong with the ticket that the Houston Police Department officer gave him. There were two officer’s names on the ticket even though only one officer was present.

speed trap

The KHOU report tells us that the president of the Houston Police Union reminded them that a man is innocent until proven guilty. So we don’t know how all this will shake out. But KHOU believes it has found a scheme to get cops more overtime.

What he [Jerry] didn’t know at the time, is what the I-Team has now uncovered through a paper trail of records–dozens of cases where HPD officers listed witnessing officers on tickets–who were never there.

It was all to allegedly collect hefty overtime checks by later appearing in traffic court.

The scheme may have involved four cops. Three are being investigated. One killed himself in a police parking garage.

The I-Team found the alleged ticket-rigging scheme took place mostly on highways. In one case in May, Officer Manzanales put Officer Farias down as a witness at 11:24 p.m. at I-10 and Westcott Street.

But at the same exact time, records show Farias was writing a ticket nine miles away at I-10 and Wilcrest.

In other example in April, three officers at once allegedly were in on it along the Katy Freeway. At 11:30 p.m. at the 610 Loop, Officer Manzanales listed Garcia as a witness on his ticket. But at 11:31 p.m, Garica also is a witness at Beltway 8, on a ticket Officer Rosa wrote. But records show at 11:31 p.m., Rosa is a witness over at Highway 6, on a ticket written by Officer Garcia.

“Don’t lie, don’t have your friend put something on the citation that’s not true,” said Jerry the police officer.

He said the alleged scheme angers him, knowing police officers are held to a higher standard.

I’m sure that there are times when they are held to a higher standard, but other times they don’t seem to be held accountable to any standard. However, “Jerry” has my gratitude and respect for saying something when he saw something. I could easily imagine a police officer being tempted to cover for fellow officers. “Jerry” showed professionalism and integrity.

May his tribe increase!

Hat Tip: The Blaze