Unrepentant Vice President Biden Lies to Bishops

I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith, went to Catholic School, and was an altar boy. Next to a menopausal nun, the one thing that we truly feared was the wrong Priest in a confessional. You can lie about Libya, you can lie about the deficits, you might lie to a Nun, but even a pretend Catholic like Joe Biden should now you shouldn’t lie to a Bishop.

I’m astounded that Biden thought he was going to get away with his denial of Obamacare birth control mandates in his debate with Paul Ryan, who is also Roman Catholic. Perhaps Old Joe better steer clear of confession for a while because the Bishops aren’t happy, and Biden’s no Simon Peter.

During the last election the Obama/Biden ticket was blessed with an abundance of support from America’s Catholic Community. I could never understand why, but its support they will surely need to secure a victory in November. What was Biden thinking? I guarantee you every Catholic Diocese in America will be a buzz through Election Day. More importantly, Catholic Bishops will be putting in overtime with their parishioners. With early voting in full force we could start seeing a big Romney/Ryan swing in the polls.

Did anyone see the look on former Altar boy Paul Ryan’s face when Biden wagged his pen and proclaimed that no Catholic institutions, social services, or hospitals has to refer, pay for or provide contraception services in their insurance coverage? Undoubtedly Joe’s got a few Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s coming, and I don’t think the nun’s on the bus can manage to spin this one in Big Joe’s favor.

Obama’s soon to be former Catholic supporters are well versed in the ongoing litigation filed in May 2012 against the Administration’s anti-conscience mandate. Catholic charities and Evangelical Education Institutions ministering to inner city poor and elderly have joined together to sue against “a blatant violation of the freedoms of religion and speech guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and affirmed by federal laws such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” Did the Vice President think that everybody falls asleep in mass on Sunday?

Millions of Catholics are turning toward the Romney/Ryan candidacy and the Obama camp must be livid with the Vice president. Who am I kidding? This is the party that allowed Nancy Pelosi to publicly canonize Georgetown University’s Sandra Fluke as the patron saint of menstruation. If there is anything this Administration is known for its deception and religion is always the left wing’s red headed stepchild.

American Catholics have a clear choice for leadership in November. The Romney/Ryan ticket is unequivocal in its Pro-life and Traditional values. To vote for Obama and the clown we call Vice President is a vote against the doctrine and the future of every Christian Church in America. The Catholic hierarchy has yet another opportunity to lead the faithful to vote for moral and decent men like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan; instead of Obama and the guy who’s afraid he’ll be denied communion on Sunday.

A long time ago, after being blessed by Pope John Paul II, my mother, a retired Director of Religious Education at our Catholic Church told me: “God is calling you John.” She was right, and God has advised me (so to speak) to offer Joe Biden a little advice on Catholic Church protocol. “Hey Mr. Vice President, the next time you go to confession bring your Rosary beads and a pocket full of quarters cause when they get through with you it will take a novena and a boat load of candle lighting before you complete your penance. Also, don’t forget to change your views on abortion as well.