Update: Campaign Continues To Keep Sandy Hook Massacre A Secret Crime

As I have written about earlier, there is a concerted effort to cancel all public record and Freedom Of Information laws and precedents to make sure no one hears the tapes of the 911 phone calls. The forces for secrecy, despite losing their case, simply refuse to quit:

Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III will be in court Friday asking a judge to keep hidden the 911 tapes from the day of the Sandy Hook School shooting until there is a ruling on his Freedom of Information Commission appeal.

The Freedom of Information Commission ruled in favor of the Associated Press in September when it concluded that Sedensky’s office should release the 911 tapes. At the end of October, Sedensky appealed that decision to Superior Court.

“A stay will ensure that the appeal will not be moot and will remain viable pending its resolution,” Sedensky wrote in a brief filed with the court. “Additionally, a stay will protect crime victims and witnesses as well as allow information relative to child abuse to remain protected.”

One of Sedensky’s arguments to the Freedom of Information Commission was that the child victims of the mass shooting were victims of child abuse because they were shot and killed by the gunman. He argued that’s one of the reasons the 911 tapes should not be released.

So, amid all the crimes and other duties of the Danbury State Attorney’s office, Sedensky has the time and the motivation to work this hard to keep anyone else from hearing the calls to the police department?

This is very odd, since all the families who have spoken up have been vocal about wanting to use the tragedy of their killed children to get stricter gun laws in America. Wouldn’t the tapes help in this effort/

The “child abuse” argument is a sign of desperation, not a real reason. Child Protective Services was never involved in the investigation. This is a simply homicide.

Do we really want to live in a country where homicides are kept secret from the public?

What is Sedensky afraid we will hear?