The US Government Doesn’t Appreciate Other Nations “Doing NSA” Even When They Reveal Real Security Threats

If you want the original video with the un-bleeped F-word it is provided by the Washington Post. Here is some of their background:

“F— the E.U.,” Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland said in a private telephone call that was intercepted and leaked online.


State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki acknowledged that the recording was authentic and said Nuland had apologized to E.U. officials. But U.S. officials were also quick to point the finger at Russia, which has bristled at U.S. involvement in Ukraine.

The recording “was first noted and tweeted out by the Russian government. I think it says something about Russia’s role,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

The recording surfaced on YouTube on Thursday, just as Nuland arrived in Ukraine for talks. It was also widely viewed on a Russian-language Web site, where it appeared online along with a photo montage of Nuland, Pyatt, and opposition figures. The Russian caption reads, “Puppets of the Maidan,” the colloquial name for Kiev’s Independence Square.

Illicitly recorded material is a staple of politics in former Soviet republics, where it’s known by its Russian name “kompromat,” meaning “compromising materials.”

The political crisis in Ukraine erupted last fall, when President Viktor Yanukovych abruptly pulled out of a trade partnership with the European Union and announced that the country would join a Russian economic alliance instead. That offer came with a $15 billion loan that U.S. and European officials came close to calling a bribe.

Russia had threatened Ukraine with trade sanctions if it signed the E.U. pact and made little secret of its desire to retain influence over Ukraine and Yanukovych, who was the Kremlin’s preferred candidate when he was elected in 2010.

They hate us for our freedoms?

Or maybe, just maybe because we’re so often fomenting unrest and revolution in other nations of the world!

Oh, so Jay Carney tries to blame Russia for leaking a phone call between U.S. Officials that makes us look bad… wow, I guess the Administration doesn’t appreciate having some of the NSA’s tactics thrown back in their faces.

How would we react if Russian officials were overheard helping plot an overthrow of the governments of California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, while saying F#*+ DC?

We are being ruled by sociopaths who are leading us into war.