Using Children in the Service of Liberal Causes

The proud young man in this photo is the son of New Jersey resident Shawn Moore. Does this rifle look familiar? You’re right; it’s that scary AR-15.

Shawn-Moore_Photo 1Well, not quite. It’s a copy, and it’s a 22 caliber. Not exactly harmless, but hardly a fearful military firearm or even a proper self-defense weapon. Not quite the weapon of choice for an anarchist, or one who wishes to start his own war, unless it’s against an army of squirrels, rodents or birds.

And do you recall how the photo was received? Some busybody who had nothing better to worry about called the authorities, the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).

Two DYFS agents along with four police officers showed up at the Moore home. They said they were responding to an anonymous tip regarding a youngster holding a weapon. Oh the horror!

They entered the home without a search warrant and demanded the family’s gun safe be open so they could catalog and affirm that the weapons were registered, despite New Jersey not requiring firearm registration.

Now fast-forward to a new set of Public Service Announcements (PSA) from a newly formed group of moms that care more about your children than you do. They call themselves “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.” Evidently this group was needed, for we plebes evidently have no gun sense. Whatever that is.

The PSAs compare seemingly harmless objects that are currently banned, to guns that are not.

Below is a shot (pardon the pun) of one of the PSA’s showing one child holding a Nestlé’s Kinder egg that was banned and the other holding a big scary gun. It claims: “We don’t sell Kinder eggs in the interest of child safety. Why not assault weapons.”

Kinder Egg_02The next ad shows two little girls. One holding up a copy of Little Red Riding Hood that was banned in some California districts because Red was carrying some wine in a basket for Grandma (the lush). And of course a big scary gun that is not banned.

The third is of two boys. One with a ball used in the game of Dodge Ball and predictably, the other with… You guessed it… A scary gun.

Dodge Ball was banned in a town in New Hampshire. Maybe now they play war games with their “assault weapons” instead of throwing rubber balls at each other.

Dodge Ball_03Is this not a shining example of the double standard that the nanny left always utilizes?

Any time anyone on the right shows a child doing something that doesn’t meet with the left’s approval, they cry exploitation. How dare we use children to promote this or that! Never mind that Mr. Moore wasn’t promoting any agenda. The next step of the left is the attempt to shut it down. They cannot just agree to disagree.

But yet no one says “boo” to these ill-informed moronic moms that exploit these children for their own misguided purpose.

If I recall, did not some TV show host almost get arrested for simply showing a gun on the air not too long ago? But will anything happen to this dopey group of leftist mothers? Of course not! There will be no calls to pull the ads!

Classic double standard!