Using Power of the Purse against Operation Choke Point

The Second Amendment can be upheld and defended using the power of the purse, according to one Senator.

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I asked, at one point, if the FDIC and other groups were backing down on Operation Choke Point—a system of using intimidation to make banks stop working with businesses that the Obama Administration doesn’t like. There were hopeful signs, but Choke Point continues.

Now a Senator has revealed that he will be inviting his colleagues to put an end to Choke Point, using the power of the purse.

Via the Daily Signal: “Exclusive: Senator Aims to Use Budget Process to End Operation Choke Point.”

The Daily Signal has exclusively learned that Sen. Mike Crapo will offer an amendment Thursday to the Senate’s budget proposal that would defund the Justice Department’s controversial program known as Operation Choke Point.

“The Department of Justice must not politicize its enforcement policies, and we must not let Operation Choke Point become an end run around the Second Amendment by threatening the financial security of gun and ammunition manufacturers,” said Crapo, R-Idaho, in a statement to The Daily Signal.

“In Idaho, we have heard from several business owners involved in the guns and ammunition business who experienced difficulty finding essential banking services as a result of this fear and uncertainty on the part of the banks.”

Crapo’s measure would be the strongest effort yet to shut down the program by creating a “deficit-neutral reserve fund” that authorizes Congress to end Operation Choke Point in the future with fewer procedural hurdles.

Norbert Michel, The Heritage Foundation’s expert in financial regulations, said, “This is great news and shows that Congress is making progress toward stopping the program. Gun owners should be happy, but Choke Point targeted many lawful businesses outside of the gun industry.”

Indeed, it has. I may not like payday loan companies, but the idea that people in the Federal government believe they can attack such businesses with impunity, even though they have done nothing illegal, is evil. The Senate needs to beat this back.