USPS: We’re Immune From Traffic Laws

As the bankrupt U.S. Postal Service struggles to pay its bills, it gets slapped with $700 in traffic tickets including two school zone speeding tickets and 5 red light violations. Jennifer Bresling, the attorney representing the Postal Service, wrote a letter to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the Arizona-based company that enforces East Cleveland, Ohio’s camera citations and stated that the USPS is not subject to local and state regulations. They shouldn’t have to pay all these fines because they’re above the laws. And they’re above the laws because they’re a part of the government.

In her letter to ATS, Breslin reminded them that the USPS is responsible for mailing over 200 billion pieces of mail a year, as if that exempts them from local ordinances.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I hate red light and speeding cameras as much as the next guy. I’ve spoken out against them multiple times as just more ways to suck revenue from citizens under the guise of public safety. And ATS is just another one of those camera companies that profits off drivers and splits its revenue with the municipalities in which they operate.

This is about hypocrisy. The same government that helps create these laws for “safety” doesn’t think they have to abide by these “safety” laws. They’re saying loud and clear, “We don’t really care about your safety.”

I have to admit, I don’t have very much disdain for USPS drivers. Their claim that they’re immune from traffic laws is humorous and not nearly as enraging as cops’ disregard for the laws they enforce on everybody else. I’ve never gotten a ticket for speeding from a USPS driver. Nor have I gotten a ticket for running a red light or stop sign from a USPS driver. However, I have gotten tickets for those “safety violations” from cops.

And I’m sure you know of policemen who live in your neighborhood who leave for work everyday in their patrol car, speeding through every stop sign, going 45 in a 25 and never using his blinkers. And we all know that that cop spends the rest of his day lying in wait and enforcing the very laws that he habitually breaks on his way to work. And I’m sure we’ve all seen the cops on the freeway that zoom by probably going 100 mph. What’s their excuse?

Like the attorney representing the USPS saying that they deliver 200 billion pieces of mail (as if that’s supposed to excuse them), cops would say, “Hey, we make millions of arrests per year and issue tens of millions of traffic tickets. We protect and serve the citizenry. We shouldn’t be subjected to these laws.” And why not? I thought it was about safety and protection. And what about setting a good example? Driving 30 miles per hour faster than everybody else on the freeway is dangerous. I don’t care if Dunkin’ Donuts was about to close (was that offensive?).

If they’re going to continue to ticket otherwise law-abiding and non-violent citizens for violating traffic codes, then no one should be exempt. Not even USPS drivers or the cops themselves. Otherwise, they should just stop issuing traffic tickets altogether.