Utility Worker Stops Robbery with Concealed Weapon

Say what you will about the legality of carrying concealed weapons, but this story proves that allowing the general public to have access to guns can save lives and stop crime!

A would-be armed robbery suspect was shot dead Monday morning while attempting to hold-up three utility workers in north county, the St. Louis County Police Department said.

According to Sgt. Brian Schellman, a county police spokesman, the incident occurred around 8:55 a.m. around the intersection of Lynncrest and Crown Point.

Three contractors for ADB Utility Company were working on water lines near that intersection when a man approached and pulled out a gun. The armed man ordered two of the workers to hand over their wallets. The suspect turned his attention toward the third contractor, whose belongings were inside the work vehicle, Schellman said.

The third contractor had a handgun stored inside the work vehicle, however, and he was able to retrieve the firearm and shoot the robber in the chest.

The robbery suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, Schellman said.

This is a clear case of the average citizen having the tool he needed to protect himself and his co-workers.  If the contractor had not packed his gun in his truck, the story would have had a very different outcome.  Instead of one dead criminal, there might have been 3 dead, hard-working citizens whose lives would have been needlessly ended.

When criminals read stories like this, they shudder.  They think twice about attempting the next break-in or robbery because they know there is a risk of being shot.  With the strict gun laws that are now in place in some states and cities, criminals have free rein over law-abiding people.  They find ways around the gun laws to get the weapons they want, and the rest of us are following the law and jumping through the hoops set up by the anti-gun lobby in order to have the weapons we need to protect ourselves.

Stricter gun laws are not a deterrent to criminals.  Allowing law-abiding citizens the right to carry weapons and use them is the real deterrent.  Knowing someone has a gun who is not afraid to use it would put a stop to crime as we know it.