VA Accountability Officer Has the Perfect Background

The VA Accountability Officer has experience that the government probably wants in a person doing that job.

This story goes along with the one about the IRS ethics officer who was disbarred for ethics violations.

As summarized by The Week, “VA’s accountability chief reportedly lost a past job over lack of accountability.”

The VA’s deputy inspector general, Richard J. Griffin, reportedly left a position at the State Department over negligence which led to the death of 14 Iraqi civilians. As NBC News reported at the time, Griffin resigned his State position after a review “found serious lapses” in his oversight of the Blackwater guards who were convicted earlier this month of massacring the 14 civilians.

Despite Griffin’s lack of accountability measures at the State Department — and the tragic consequences which followed — his current position is focused on conducting “independent oversight reviews” to, among other goals, “prevent and detect criminal activity.”

So are we supposed to believe this is merely an accident?

What other kind of accountability officer would Veterans Affairs want in their organization?

The Washington Examiner reports,

Now Griffin leads the VA Office of the Inspector General, the internal watchdog for the massive department. The office has been accused of protecting the agency from criticism rather than asking hard questions, including softening the findings of its investigations, repeatedly bungling straightforward inquiries into wrongdoing, and hiding its results from Congress.

So instead of being a prosecutor, Griffin is acting like a defense attorney for the department. Instead of exposing wrongdoing, he uses his job to cover it up.

Seems likely to me that he got his job not despite his past experience, but because of it.