The VA Hospital Scandal is Our Future Under Obamacare!

Michael D. Tanner states the obvious in the New York Post: “VA hospitals are a government-run disaster.”

The scandal has now spread to other veteran facilities. VA employees at an outpatient clinic in Fort Collins, Colo., falsified appointment records to hide the fact that as many as 6,300 veterans treated at the outpatient clinic waited months to be seen for treatment. In Wyoming, whistleblowers have accused officials of manipulating records to hide wait times.

VA officers in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, have been accused of similar efforts to hide long waits. And in Pittsburgh, VA officials are accused of covering up the death of several patients after the water in a VA hospital became infected with bacteria. The officials reportedly tried to hide the information not only from patients and superiors, but even from hospital staff.

But Obamacare will be so much better, I mean… look how successfully they rolled out the Web site and payment system… What could go wrong?

Pretty soon, a whole bunch of us will be dying on waiting lists!!

This is what Progressivism loves: Equal suffering for all (except the elite, who enjoy the good life in all socialist and communist nations).

Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has long touted the VA system as the epitome of government-run healthcare. “Exhibit A for the advantages of government provision [of healthcare] is the veterans administration, which runs its own hospitals and clinics, and provides some of the best-quality healthcare in America at far lower cost than the private sector,” Krugman claims.

And he is right . . . at least about the VA being exhibit A for government healthcare.

Like all single-payer health systems around the world, the VA controls costs by imposing a “global budget” — a limit to how much it can spend on care. Thus year-to-year funding varies according to the whims of Congress, not according to what consumers want or are willing to spend.

It still blows my mind how many still believe the nonsense spewed by Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc., when so many of their original promises have proved to be flat-out lies, and their spin on how “wonderfully” things are going isn’t fooling any but the most clueless. Those ACA “believers” will be the first ones whining and moaning when they experience the truth: There ain’t no such thing as good and free health care.