Vatican : Attack on Marriage is Suicide of Humanity

The establishment of so-called same sex “marriage” is “a kind of suicide of humanity itself.”

broken marriage

The human race is a biological species. Like all mammals, the species continues through sexual reproduction. Historically, the people responding for raising children have been the parents who produced them. There are limits of course. In some societies parents (usually fathers) had the power of life or death over a child. But in Christian societies that are informed by the Bible parents have been held accountable if they committed real crimes against their children.

If the family was disrupted (by the death of a parent) there were ways of softening the damage by modeling a family that was not the result of biological parenting. Adoption is an ancient practice for taking care of children.

But obviously, we have never had a time in which the family was completely divorced from biology. Now we have a situation where “families” consist of people who were never capable of having children. Men claim to be “married” to men and women to women. Obviously, these “families” only get children by doing biology on the side. They siphon off offspring by getting access to the results of heterosexual intercourse. This can cause problems.

Why would anyone think it is a good idea to make the concept of “family” and “marriage” completely independent of the biology of the human species? We don’t have instincts. We survive by conventions—conventions like “do not kill” and “do not steal.” God taught us these conventions and, to the extent that we deliberately forget them, we embrace death.

Thus, even though I’m a Protestant, I think recent statements by the Vatican are obviously true. As CNS News reports,

The ongoing attacks against marriage as the union of one man and one woman is “a kind of suicide of humanity itself,” especially in Europe and the United States, said Cardinal Gerhard Muller, who heads the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) at the Vatican, which is the Catholic Church’s Holy Office for promoting and defending the faith.

Cardinal Muller also explained that the complementarity between man and woman in marriage is a reflection of “the will of God in creation,” a “positive reality” designed to advance human life and social good.

“The way the family is undervalued or threatened in many places is akin to standing on a precipice; we must stop and not make that final step from which there is no return,” said Cardinal Muller.  “In attacks against marriage as a complementary union of man and woman, we are seeing a kind of suicide of humanity itself, especially in the secularized West — in Europe, the United States, North America.”

“The difference between man and woman is a positive reality because it reflects the will of God in creation, and the will of God is good and aimed at human flourishing!” he said.

Can anyone claim that divorcing family from biology is going to result in human flourishing? I don’t see how.