Venezuela Voters Defeat Socialism and Celebrate Loudly

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had such public rejoicing in the United States?

From USA Today: “Venezuela’s opposition wins legislative majority.”

Venezuela’s fractious opposition won a crushing victory in legislative elections over President Nicolás Maduro’s socialist party, as voters rejected the system created by the late leader Hugo Chávez 16 years ago, officials announced Monday.

The opposition’s Democratic Unity coalition won at least 99 of the 167 seats in the National Assembly. And the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela won 46 seats, the National Electoral Council said.

The opposition needs to win 13 of the 22 remaining races to gain a two-thirds super-majority required to rewrite laws and possibly start a recall referendum to oust Maduro before his term expires in 2019. With a simple majority, the coalition can pass an amnesty law to free political prisoners.

Turnout for Sunday’s vote was 74% of the country’s 19 million eligible voters — the highest for congressional elections since the 1990s, when compulsory voting ended, according to the electoral council.

“It’s a huge win for the opposition,” said David Smilde, a senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights advocacy group. “It’s worrying that 22 seats haven’t been decided, as that makes the difference as to what the opposition can do.”

Many Venezuelans, tired of 16 years of rule by Chávez and Maduro, celebrated in the streets. Fireworks lit the skies over Caracas and other major cities.

Of course, Maduro blamed a conspiracy of businesses, much like Democrats blame the free markets for income inequality when in fact their own policies are to blame. Indeed, it is hard not to think of Barack Obama campaigning for Obamacare by blaming greedy corporations for the problems in our healthcare system.

But in Venezuela the lie is no longer credible.

They have dealt with hyperinflation and been reduced to resorting to pet medicines when they are sick. This is obviously that fault of the government.

Here is a video that was posted before the voting that warned that an opposition victory would be as bad for Venezuela as the Republicans capturing Congress was for the U.S.

I hope this opposition victory is the first of many to overturn socialism and uproot it from the country.