Venezuelans Forced to Use Pet Meds

The lesson should be learned by Americans because what is happening to Venezuelans can easily happen here.

There are lessons about Obamacare and socialism closer at hand than Venezuela. Veterans Affairs is one example. In fact, Veterans Affairs was lied about to be used as an argument for how great Obamacare would be.

But the economy is going to get worse, and Venezuela is a picture of our future. Perhaps there is still time to avoid it, but I can’t be sure.

El Universal reports, “Transplanted Venezuelan patients resort to veterinary drugs.”

Prednisone and Cellcept, immunosuppressive drugs to avoid rejection of transplanted organs, disappeared from Venezuelan public and private pharmacies since early July, patients told AFP.

Consequently, hundreds of patients are faced with a critical situation: their treatment cannot be interrupted not even for a day, as they could lose the kidney or liver for which they waited for years.

“When (human) prednisone ran out, everybody started to look for the canine drug,” reported the President of the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation (Fefarven), Freddy Ceballos.

Naturally, the government is just as committed to fixing the problem as our own Federal Government is committed to fixing Obamacare… In other words, they are more intent on lying about it and denying there are any real problems.

The government refuses to air shortages numbers since February 2014 and denies lack of prednisone, arguing that a shipment of 1.2 million tablets arrived from Cuba in July. However, the authorities admitted that two other drugs for transplanted patients are currently under importation process.

If every single person who had received a transplanted organ died from an autoimmune attack, the only thing the government bureaucrats would fear would be the truth getting out. A few people dying does not hurt a government. Only the loss of face when people learn about their incompetence matters to governments.

So they become a bit more competent at hiding the truth.