Veteran Affairs Scandal Is Still Real and Must Not Be Forgotten!

The problem with President Barack Obama’s scandals is that news of one crowds out attention to one of the older ones. The Veteran Affairs scandal, for example, is something I often forget about. I know it is still a grave injustice and danger to veterans. But many other scandals squeeze it out of my thinking.

Well here is something that might help keep it fresh! From CBS Boston: “I-Team: Acton Vet Finally Gets VA Doctor’s Appointment – 2 Years After He Died.”

“He was steadfast. He took care of us, all of these years.”

Suzanne Chase of Acton was talking about her husband, Doug, a Vietnam veteran who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011.

In 2012, she tried to move his medical care to the Veterans Affairs hospital in Bedford.

“It was so difficult for him to take the ambulance ride into Boston, we wanted to be closer.”

They waited about four months and never heard anything. Then Douglas Chase died in August 2012.

But two weeks ago, he got a letter, from the VA in Bedford, saying he could now call to make an appointment to see a primary care doctor.

“It was addressed to my husband and I opened it,” said Suzanne Chase. “I was in complete disbelief.”

The note at the bottom of the letter was especially jolting: “We are committed to providing primary care in a timely manner and would greatly appreciate a prompt response.”

What is sad is that few people will recognize this as the inevitable consequence of placing people in the power of giant, tax-fed bureaucracies. Even large corporations often mistreat their customers, even though they have a profit motive to keep them happy. How much more should we expect the government, which has a monopoly and gets to take its own price by force (i.e. taxes), will turn out to be stupid and careless with the lives of those who depend on it?

In other words, many of us are going to eventually be suffering this same fate under Obamacare.