Veterans Affairs Protects the Corrupt and Fires Whistleblowers

While the government agency fires whistleblowers it never fires real wrongdoers.

Mark Horne once asked regarding the Veterans Affairs scandals, “Where are the firings?”

It seems no one ever gets fired at the VA—except for one particular “offense.” NPR reports,

This is a recurring criticism of the Department of Veterans Affairs. No one ever seems to get fired for misconduct. But according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the VA does often fire one type of employee – people who blow the whistle on it. For example, the doctor prescribing obsolete meds – no punishment. The one who wrote Congress about delays in his disability claim – he was fired.

In other words, Veterans Affairs is run by the corrupt for the corrupt. It doesn’t serve anyone else, least of all the veterans.

Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner wrote a letter to the White House yesterday explaining how misconduct never resulted in serious penalties.

Misconduct like falsifying records, not hiring qualified nurses in the emergency department, prescribing outdated meds, all things that put veterans’ health in jeopardy – those got reprimands. By contrast, the food manager at the Philadelphia VA who exposed insect infestations in the kitchens – he got reassigned to clean the morgue, and his boss tried to fire him because he stole and ate expired sandwiches from the kitchen instead of throwing them out. A disabled veteran working at the Baltimore VA wrote Congress about his own lost disability claim – he got fired. A VA statement said the department is working closely with the Special Counsel to correct problems, protect whistleblowers and hold supervisors accountable.

Read that last part again. The VA corruptocrats got a disabled veteran fired!