Veto Expected from Obama After Senate Passed Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Being pro-life, reading the headline “Senate Votes to End Federal  Funding for Planned Parenthood” was thrilling.  In a world that has so many senseless and crazy things going on, it is great to finally feel like the good guys get to put an “X” in the WIN column.  But, then reality sets in.  I know deep in my heart that even though the Republican majority in the Senate pushed the bill to end the federal funding of Planned Parenthood through, President Obama is not going to just stand by and let it happen.  He will likely veto the bill.  Then, we’re back to square one.

An ABC affiliate in California reported:

Senate Republicans have overwhelmed Democrats in a vote to end Planned Parenthood’s federal funding.

Thursday’s vote comes as the Senate moves toward approval of a bill that would all but repeal the president’s health care law.

The bill would also take away the federal dollars that Planned Parenthood receives. Democrats tried restoring those funds, but their effort was rejected on a near party-line vote of 54-46.

The House is expected to send the bill to President Barack Obama in the coming days. The White House has pledged that Obama will veto it.

So, what did this accomplish?  The truth is, not much.  The vote will be touted as a victory in conservative circles, but it really only kicked the issue of giving federal money to a baby-killing organization down the road.  Liberals will claim that this vote shows that “most Americans” want the government to help fund abortion so that the underprivileged and working poor are not saddled with kids they don’t want and can’t afford.

ABC 30 in Fresno concludes:

Republicans lack the two-thirds House and Senate majorities needed to override a veto. That means the measure will achieve one thing: giving both parties political messaging they can use in next year’s elections. 

So the killing of babies will continue while the politicians try to make sense of the senseless.  Let’s put an “X” in the “nothing happened”column.