Village Voice Forced to Give Up Child Prostitution Ad Revenue

A recent article in The Hill reported that the Senate passed a resolution to force the Village Voice to take down its “adult entertainment” classifieds section. According to the resolution, the section is often used to promote child sex trafficking. The Senate condemned the Village Voice for being so concerned about money that it had lost its moral compass. Something had to be done to protect the children, so the Senate stepped in.

And then I scrolled down to the comments. The top comment (with 390 up-votes at the time) was: “Hey Senators. How about passing a budget.”

Let’s talk about that. Village Voice Media might not survive this Senate resolution., the classified service that provided the “adult” advertising for The Village Voice, brought their business partner almost 30 million dollars of ad revenue this past year. And it will be difficult to get that kind of money any other way.

And the Senate? If they want to balance this budget, they have two options: cut spending a lot and raise taxes or cut spending to the bone. But they’re not even talking about spending cuts. They’re just crying wolf on the fiscal cliff. And we think this is a budget deficit problem. Forget the budget deficit. The Senate is trying to encourage a newspaper to do the right thing no matter the sacrifices. Well, Senate, the commenter is right. You need to do the right thing no matter the sacrifices. And so do we!

Why can’t the Senate cut spending? Because we want a taste of that money. I’m sure there were plenty of people at the Village Voice who didn’t like getting money from child prostitution. But once they had that money coming in, it stopped mattering where it came from. They were entitled to it.

And the same goes for the vast majority of the population in the United States. Every day, people who pay no taxes and contribute very little to society get “free” corporate and individual handouts/bailouts/subsidies, etc. And where does that money come from? Theft at gunpoint, plain and simple. But once the money started coming in, people didn’t care as much where it came from.

Village Voice Media needs to do the right thing, for sure. But so does the Senate. And so do we. We’re going to have to make some sacrifices for our children and for the future of this country. Until we do, we really have no place from which to look down on The Village Voice. They care more about money than morals. Are we any different?