Violence in the Name of Jesus

The New York Times reported that a church in upstate New York was apparently trying to beat a confession of sin out of two boys who were found in the Word of Life Christian Church on Sunday, October 11.  One boy was dead, and the other as serious injuries

Sadly, in the name of Christ, these children were harmed.

At least seven children, from about 2 to 15 years old, had also been taken from the church site, the police said, including four of Ms. Ferguson’s children, and placed in foster care.

The authorities in New Hartford, a Utica suburb west of Albany, were trying to determine the exact organization, leadership and teachings of Word of Life, which had little presence online and has few public records.

Lt. Timothy O’Neill of the New Hartford Police Department said the authorities believed that the church was led by Traci Irwin, referred to as Mother by some members. Ms. Irwin’s husband, Jerry Irwin, was also involved in the church, and the current pastoral leader of the group was her daughter, Tiffanie, Lieutenant O’Neill said.

Further investigation is expected to determine the inner workings of Word of Life Christian Church.