Virginia Now Stuck With Terry McAuliffe: Tea Party Mission Is To Make Voters Regret It

I feel bad for the Virginia Cucinelli voters who are now trapped in a McAuliffe-governed realm, but there I also feel a sense of grim satisfaction that the ones who voted for McAuliffe are also stuck with him.

Even Leftists admit this (now that he is safely elected). On the Mother Jones website, the headline was displayed yesterday, “I can’t believe Terry McAuliffe is going to be governor of Virginia.” The splash line of the article was: “No experience in office? Check. Sketchy business partners? Check. Media manipulation? Check.”

Would have been nice to learn about this before the election, but we can’t expect too much from a Liberal magazine.

In the article, Stephanie Mencimer writes,

Terry McAuliffe and I go way back. I first started writing about him in 1997, when Mother Jones assigned me to look into a lawsuit in DC Superior Court in which McAuliffe, the Democrats’ super-fundraiser, was being sued by some of his business associates. That story turned into something much bigger. I went down the rabbit hole of McAuliffe’s business dealings, probing his relationship with a pension fund run by a union he raised lots of money from—a money trail that ended up making McAuliffe part of my life for over a year. During that time, he never returned one of my phone calls and I never had the opportunity to meet in person the glad-handing, boyish “Macker,” who first drew headlines by wrestling an alligator for a political donation. Nonetheless, the time I spent covering McAuliffe—who became head of the Democratic Party during George W. Bush’s first term—has left me dumbfounded that he (according to the polls) is poised to become the next governor of Virginia.

Notice that last line reveals that Mencimer was writing before the election. Again, I’m not surprised the story didn’t appear until later. It goes through a great deal of evidence to substantiate her charge that, “What’s different about McAuliffe is his brazen mixing of his campaign fundraising activity and attempts to enrich himself personally.” She lists and summarizes the stories of several of McAuliffe’s known business associates. The article should be read by every conservative in Virginia (and outside of it). It ably demonstrates that Virginia has elected a big bag of sleaze as its governor.

Reading between the lines I wonder if the Washington Post is already worried. Admitting that he comes into office “with no experience in state government and an agenda outlined only in broad strokes,” their article opens thus:

Virginia has opened the doors to its 200-year-old Executive Mansion to a flamboyant Democratic cheerleader who will have to overcome skepticism and a GOP-dominated House to effectively govern a state with more than 8 million residents.

The job of the Virginia Tea Party is to make sure that the House stays GOP-dominated and the GOP becomes more, not less, “skeptical” of McAuliffe.

It will become very important to fight against McAuliffe in 2016 if Hillary Clinton is the Democrat candidate. McAuliffe’s national career took off during the first Clinton presidency. We can expect him to support her in every way he can. Conservatives need to not only vote, but do everything they can to make sure the votes are counted honestly without “irregularities.”