Vladimir Putin Get’s the Best of Obama

The following is a clever rendition of how President Obama got slapped down as a world leader and is in full retreat around the world. Obama’s rhetoric may work at home with low information voters, but it doesn’t work with someone like Vladimir Putin who rides horses shirtless while Obama rides a bicycle with a protective helmet.

“Ring. Ring. Safety first.”

The following excerpt is from the folks at Breitbart. It’s titled “Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin.” It’s a classic:

“Yeah, I’ll admit that I’m disappointed that Obama canceled the summit with me next month.  Oh well. Still, giving Snowden asylum is a big political winner for me at home, and that’s that.

“Yeah, I’m a dictator and everything, but it always helps to have a strong base of support–and flipping the bird to the Americans is a great way to get the average Ivan to say, ‘Way to go!  That’ll stick it to Uncle Sam!’

“Besides, even if Obama says he won’t hold the summit, our foreign and defense ministers are still going forward with their meeting this coming Friday.  The Americans, you see, are still eager to make progress on Syria–well, a nyet to that. We’re helping Assad in Damascus because we want him to win. The Americans–well, they don’t know what they want. They kinda sorta want the Sunni rebels to win, but of course, they want those same rebels to ‘respect human rights.’http://xbradtc.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/putin_horse-w300h298.jpg?w=500

“And what the US really wants is some sort of ‘negotiated settlement.’ I guess that’s so the State Department can have something to do. Yup, another “peace conference” where the diplomats all get to dress nicely and talk and talk and talk–and put everyone to sleep.”

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