What is Vladimir Putin doing in Ukraine?

While the U.S. Is focused on Robin Williams, Ferguson, Missouri, and the butchers formerly known as ISIS in Iraq, it would appear Vladimir Putin is on the move.

From the Guardian: “Aid convoy stops short of border as Russian military vehicles enter Ukraine.”

The white trucks of humanitarian aid rumbled through Russia in a convoy stretching for miles, moving slowly southwards on the M4 highway, amid a landscape of fertile fields and Ladas stopped at the roadside – their boots overflowing with watermelons for sale.

But, while the trucks came to a halt well short of Ukraine’s border, a different Russian convoy did make the crossing into Ukrainian territory late on Thursday evening.

The Guardian saw a column of 23 armoured personnel carriers, supported by fuel trucks and other logistics vehicles with official Russian military plates, travelling towards the border near the Russian town of Donetsk – about 200km away from Donetsk, Ukraine.

After pausing by the side of the road until nightfall, the convoy crossed into Ukrainian territory, using a rough dirt track and clearly crossing through a gap in a barbed wire fence that demarcates the border. Armed men were visible in the gloom by the border fence as the column moved into Ukraine. Kiev has lost control of its side of the border in this area.

Despite official statements of non-intervention, my inbox is filling up with embargoed pictures of large movements of Russian military equipment across the border into Ukraine. Tanks, armored personnel carriers, military vehicles hastily painted white to mix in with the big “aid” convoy. There are also big rig trailers shown with, maybe, a dozen bags of food and otherwise empty… lots of room for, um, hitchhikers… yeah, that’s it… you just never known when you’ll come across guys needing a ride. (Like maybe those who came in by plane, but didn’t reserve a rental car. Guys in uniform, with big weapons and ammo… but you need to ask them to leave those parachutes behind—no room for all of that, you understand.)

Coming soon: War in Europe. Enjoy your vacation, Mr. President. Looks like a certain other world leader truly is foregoing his leisure.