Voters Voted for Gridlock and Liberals Know It

There should be no doubt that Americans voted for gridlock by voting for Republicans.


On November 4, while Americans were voting in overwhelming numbers for Republicans, The Huffington Post ran a piece by Jeff Schweitzer: “The Price of Failure and Rise of Extremism: How Democrats Blew It.”

Mitch McConnell, with a straight face and no apparent appreciation for irony, said that voters should install a Republican majority in the Senate because his party would “be able to bring the current legislative gridlock to a merciful end.” This really reaches new heights of absurdity. The Filibuster King, the Guru of Gridlock himself, says that in order to end gridlock we need to elect the people who are responsible for bringing us Olympian records of obstruction. McConnell’s Republican army in the Senate has led more filibusters than any previous Congress in our nation’s history, attempting to thwart any progress on a gleeful spree of “no.” This is the McConnell who made obstruction his publicly announced number one goal when Obama was elected to his first term. But now McConnell wants to say yes, to have you vote for him because he is the one to rid us of the scourge of the gridlock he created. Give him a majority and voila he will make sure gridlock is a distant memory. This means of course that he expects the newly-made minority to simply go along with his agenda; you know, like he went along with the Democrats when they had the majority. Sigh. It is enough to make one’s head explode.

My question for you dear reader: Is this some sort of national secret?

I don’t think so. The media has been complaining about the Republicans as the reason for the horrible tragedy of “gridlock” for years. It reached a fevered pitch during the sadly-exaggerated “government shutdown.” We have been constantly told that Republicans are responsible for the “do-nothing Congress” (with the implied assertion that such a Congress is a detriment to the nation).

I have a hard time believing that any Republican, even one who voted for him, could possibly have believed McConnell claiming that Republican control of the Senate would “bring legislative gridlock to a merciful end.”

So what does that mean?

It means that voters overwhelmingly voted for gridlock. I know that media talking heads (or talking voices on the radio) claim that voters all want government “to work.” But that seems really suspicious to me. It sounds a lot like the news media is finding a way to get the answers that they want to hear.

The above paragraph from the HuffPo piece seems a great deal more believable. Everyone knows that the Republicans, at their best, are obstructing Barack Obama’s liberal agenda. That’s what voters wanted. That’s what voters voted for.