Wait. How Did Barack Obama Get Authority to Bomb Syria?

The ridiculous myth is that Barack Obama gained the authority to bomb or send ground troops to Iraq because of a vote in Congress back in 2001 or 2002. Nancy Pelosi insists this gave him forever power to attack any way he likes. Rand Paul is trying to get people to think about what they are saying. But that is the prevalent view.

But what about Syria?

According to the Hill:

The Obama administration isn’t ruling out airstrikes in Syria against a Sunni militant group that is on the march in Iraq.

“We don’t restrict potential U.S. action to a specific geographic space,” a senior administration official said when asked whether military action could extend into Syria.

“The president’s made clear time and again that we will take action as necessary, including direct U.S. military action, if it’s necessary to defend the United States against an imminent threat,” the official said. 

Imminent threat? Does anyone seriously think the United States is facing an imminent threat? Perhaps our embassy personnel are doing so, but the pressing need would be to get them out of Iraq, not bomb Syria.

Of course, liberals wanted Obama to bomb Syria even when they admitted it would be an illegal attack. So now this could be their chance. For awhile it looked like Obama was ready to override Congress and bomb without authorization. Then he backed down. Does he regret that decision? Is he looking for a way to undo it?

Of course, Obama’s reign of drones has never honored national boundaries.

The official noted the U.S. has taken action in Yemen against the group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, in Somalia against al-Shabaab, an al Qaeda affiliate there, and recently captured Abu Khatalla in Libya. 

“So again, we’re going to do what’s necessary. Clearly we’re focused on Iraq in terms of these additional resources and — but we’ll continue to focus on the evolving threat of [ISIS] as we — as we consider different options,” the official said.

Basically, ISIS has given the President another excuse for an endless, borderless war in which Congress is treated like a studio audience to Obama’s drama rather than real decision makers in our government.