Waitress Fired because She Forgot Table Number and Described Customers

It is now a firing offense for a waitress to describe customers in order to serve them if she refers to their race.

If you have a low-paying job serving people who are, typically, making more money than you, you had better watch yourself and remember the rules.

You should also try to find a boss who isn’t a coward ready to punish you the moment such a customer is offended.

This Fox 2 News story demonstrates the risks: “

On Sunday, FOX 2 received a photo from viewers angry about a receipt from Patrick’s Westport Grill where the customers are referred to as “Black Couple” and there appears to be a mysterious upcharge.  The receipt is dated July 18, 2015.


What happened was the waitress forgot table numbers. There was space to describe who she was serving so she wrote about the black couple in the corner in that space.

The mysterious charge was simply a non-itemized double shot of liquor. But the description of the couple was an unforgivable sin. The waitress had forgotten the table number and put a description of the couple in the space where the system was designed to allow her to enter a description.

I guess we’re all expected to gasp in horror: “How evil!”

The boss’s Facebook apology included an assurance there had been a human sacrifice to propitiate the gods of racial justice.

I, Patrick Hanon, sincerely apologize for the unacceptable act that is not symbolic of our company values or beliefs. We do not tolerate this behavior and have a zero tolerance for this behavior. This is not our management style and have addressed this issue. We are reevaluating our hiring, training, and screening process so that we develop the most professional of individuals. This was an isolated event which we do not and will not tolerate. Patrick’s is a family owned business and during our 33 years I have always treated my customers as family and encourage my employees to do so as well. We appreciate our loyal family members and our new family members.

For a guy who appreciates loyalty, he sure doesn’t show any. The waitress was fired.

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Perhaps this waitress was some teen who was just working at a summer job and still lived at home with her wealthy parents. I hope so. But as far as we know, this was some single mother who messed up one time, forgetting a table number and using a customer description as permitted by the restaurant system.

If one looked at economic class instead of race, this could easily be a case of vindictive wealthy oppressors dumping on a servant.

She is not only out of a job, but she is being treated like a malicious racist on Facebook.

If you want to know why the business owner was quick to shove the waitress under the bus, just go read the comments. I’m not impressed with him but I do understand why he wanted to be quick to make sure his business wasn’t subjected to a hate campaign.

I would love to believe that a bunch of white supremacists are posing as African Americans in order to make them look bad in that comment thread.

It seems that many wish to believe that any white person would be just as offended by being referred to as part of a “white couple” to point them out in a restaurant filled with mostly black customers. I can’t believe that people really think such things. Obviously, there may be white people who would be offended. But that would be because they are stupid. For rational people, nothing “racist” is involved in either scenario.

I can understand why the words on the receipt seemed insensitive and strange, but the explanation should end the issue. Pretending that a waitress had done something racist and that she deserved to lose her job over it would be silly if it were not so mean.

The boss could, of course, legally fire the woman for any reason that seemed right to him. But if he is expecting to be commended for his “zero tolerance” policy, then it is worth pointing out that it does not reflect well on him.