Wake Up and Smell the Manipulated Economy!

The manipulated economy won’t end until we decide we don’t want to be manipulated anymore!

wake up smell fascism

Freedom means being able to spend your time however you wish. Unfortunately that also means many will waste their lives on worthless pursuits, and stop learning once their formal education is done.

Is the Super Bowl, or Dancing with the Stars, or Angry Birds really more important than gaining a basic understanding of macroeconomics and/or civics?

I learned very little—and nothing—about these important subjects in high school and college. I’ve been a voracious reader on macroeconomics for 17 years, and only began to really understand the political philosophy undergirding the American system about 27 years ago—well after my official schooling was over.

I am not simply interested in “raging against the Machine”—contrary to what you might assume from reading my rants here—I honestly and truly want to see the world changed for the better—for everyone.

Unfortunately, our culture has been taken over by an intellectually-inbred and ethically-corrupted few who plunder us all through unjust use of politics and economics. As this essay by Charles Hugh Smith says well, they are not going to give up their positions of significant advantage without a serious fight. They produce virtually nothing of value to our everyday lives, but they sure make a good living—an excessive living—from having set up their tollbooths on the roads of our culture and economy.

Blowing up those tollbooths is likely the only way back to freedom [Note: just a metaphor for legislative and cultural change; don’t panic!]. For that to happen, a much larger percentage of our fellow citizens must recognize just how unnecessary and immoral certain systems and philosophies are.

The first step in reaching a destination that is more just, free, and prosperous for all is pulling out a roadmap, and plotting the journey ahead. Smith’s article, “How Do You Unmanipulate a Manipulated Economy?,” points out that the road will be dangerous and painful—we’ve gone too far into this abyss for it not to be so—but we must regain a conviction that enduring the pain is worth it, for the sake of future generations.

There is no way to painlessly unmanipulate an economy that has grown dependent on manipulation. Addiction can only be broken by going cold turkey: ending all the manipulation and forcing the economy to adjust to the discipline of reality and an unfettered market for money, credit and risk.

The U.S. can survive the demise of its bloated, unproductive banking sector, the Federal Reserve that enforces the sector’s power, and the eradication of its numerous classes of parasites and leeches. Every parasitic vested interest will claim it is essential to the well-being of the nation; the truth is entirely the opposite—each is terribly and intrinsically destructive to the fabric of the nation.

Wall Street, The Fed, and DC are snakepits. We need to become exterminators.