Wake Up and Smell the Corruption, Millennials!

A quiz for college students shows they are completely brainwashed about Republicans and corruption.

I’ve posted many times about how Hillary Clinton is thoroughly a Wall Street candidate (along with Silicon Valley and other centers of wealth). Even Democrats are aware of this to some extent, which is why some are rooting for the socialist Bernie Sanders.

So how can the young people in this video be so naïve?

Hillary Clinton herself seems to be banking on their ignorance. Campus Reform, when posting the above video, pointed out she is campaigning on the same lie:

Hillary Clinton has vowed to be a champion for “everyday Americans.”

The former Secretary of State—who once described herself and husband Bill Clinton as “dead broke”—kicked off her campaign on June 13 and in her 45-minute speech on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, Clinton delivered a message similar to her initial presidential announcement.

“Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times,” Clinton said in the video announcement on April 12. “But the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.”

So the young Americans simply mindlessly believe her rhetoric and assume that Republicans must own or lease all those multi-million-dollar estates. I heard Marco Rubio’s name come up. Does anything about Rubio lead us to believe he possesses that level of wealth? (I’m sure he’s doing well, financially, but just saying.)

Democrats get to live like kings and the media never exposes the hypocrisy of their claims to belong to the middle class.