Wake Up, Blacks! Whitey’s Out To Getcha!

One of the many reasons the George Zimmerman trial is still of so much interest to conservatives, even though it concluded almost a week ago, is because conservatives are mostly white and they—and I include myself in this—are tired of being shamed for it. The Hispanic Zimmerman was labeled a white person by the media, thus indicting whites all over for the racism allegedly at the root of why Zimmerman shot a young man who was trying to kill him. Had the media instead exercised such irresponsibility by initially saying Trayvon was shot by actor Alec Baldwin, Baldwin would sue all the networks that repeated that false information. Since all the major networks, excluding Fox News, repeated the false information that Zimmerman was white, maybe we whites can get a class-action lawsuit going.

And of course one of the many reasons the Zimmerman trial is still of so much interest to blacks is because the media said whites were to blame.

Black people need to “wake the hell up,” says Leonard Pitts, Jr., in an op-ed at The Miami Herald that sounds the alarm that White America is coming for them all.

Pitts himself is a black man, and because blacks have shown the rest of us that they are almost a monolithic group when it comes to their feelings towards any non-brother killing one of their own, he’s none too pleased with the audacity of an objective jury to let a black-criminal-killer free.

I qualify that statement with “non-brother” because blacks don’t mind when blacks are murdered as long as the respective killers are also black. I know this because 94 percent of blacks are killed by blacks, a majority of the murdered being young men, and not a single looting party is ever planned in the wake of such crimes.

Pitts laments, “We are living in a perilous era for African-American freedom.” He pines for a golden age that I apparently missed in my history books, when blacks were allowed, without consequence, to sneak up on a person heading toward his car, sucker-punch him to the ground, and attempt to crack his skull against the asphalt over beliefs that the unsuspecting victim, who a few minutes prior committed the non-crime of keeping an eye on the black man, is a gay rapist. Methinks Trayvon didn’t like the homma-sexuals very much. I smell a posthumously charged hate crime.

Pitt finishes out his column by attempting, quite successfully, his best impersonation of a self-righteous Civil Rights-leader-wannabe, melodramatically sermonizing a laundry list of Let It Be’s, which includes the exhortation to “let Trayvon Martin’s death and the acquittal of his killer be . . . a reason to send a check to the NAACP.”

Yes, donate your money to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People so they can advance the cause of the coloreds who want to kill you, without any resistance and without any repercussions.