Wal-Mart Condemned for Asking for Help for Poor

An Ohio Wal-Mart had a couple of bins on display with a sign: “Please donate food items here so Associates in Need Can Enjoy A Family Dinner.”

The group, OUR Walmart  took a picture of the sign with the bins and are spreading it around as proof that Wal-Mart underpays its employees.

Pretty amazing.

The bins were not for every employee. According to CNN Money,

Wal-Mart spokesman Kory Lundberg said that particular store has held similar food donation drives for several years. The food supports workers who are facing “an unforeseen hardship,” such as a spouse losing a job. Some of the food collected last year went to a mother whose child support benefits had stopped, so it helped provide her children a holiday meal, he said.

“I spoke to workers at the store today and they said that they’re going to continue to look after their folks who have realized a hardship recently,” Lundberg said.

He wasn’t aware of similar drives at any of its 4,000-plus stores nationwide, but he said he wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

So what we have here is that sometimes people suffer unexpected, unplanned, and/or unforeseeable hardship. In such cases it is good for others to help out. The only way to give others the opportunity to help out is to let them know of a need. One of the free services Wal-Mart provides, then, is a vetting system. I may not know if I am being scammed by some stranger who tells me a sob story and asks for money, but if I trust the management of a local retail store then I can be told of real needs in the community.

And what is necessary for me to help others? One thing that is necessary is that I have money to use to help them. I may not want someone else’s children to go without Thanksgiving Dinner, but I don’t want my own children to go without it either. I’m not going to be able to help out people in emergencies when I am in my own emergency.

And what is necessary to make it more likely that I will have enough money? Quite simply, I need for the necessities of daily life to cost as little as possible.

And what is necessary for goods to be priced as low as possible? Typically, the employees need to be paid as little as possible.

“OUR Walmart” (a name that implies theft of private property, if anyone cares) is claiming that Wal-Mart must be hurting employees if they ever need help. But only by keeping prices low for consumers as much as possible can they have enough to help out those in need.

Interestingly, Wal-Mart is seeing sales go down, thanks to Obamacare and other problems in the Obama economy. Yet people continue to act as if Wal-Mart is nothing but a giant hoarding agency that could shower money on everyone if they weren’t so selfish.

Where is Blockbuster now? Circuit City? Borders?

These companies are not omnipotent. They can vanish overnight. If you don’t like minimum-wage-retail jobs now, just wait and see how you feel about them after they disappear!