If You Want to See the Face of the War on Women, Look into His Eyes

This is the real war on women, and on men too.

australian fashion model

Once again we have a horrible story about a man claiming that he knows what it feels like to be a woman, that he is one, and that emasculation makes him one.

What kind of statement is that about women?—that all it takes are some hormone shots and some deep cuts and you are one?

From Jezebel.com:

Australian fashion model Andreja Pejic has never shied away from bending gender about as far as it can go. Previously mum about the extent of her gender variance, the model has now come out as a trans woman. Although this is probably not altogether too surprising for those watching her career with interest.

Pejic offered a tripartite exclusive coverage of her story to Entertainment Tonight, People.com and Style.com. Pejic is an extremely well known model and has modeled men’s and women’s collections both in fashion shows and on the covers of such magazines as Elle and New York since she started her career in 2007. She even worked David Bowie on his music video, “The Stars are Out Tonight,” alongside Tilda Swinton. Moving forward with the support of her agency and her family, she will only be modeling women’s fashion from this point on.

How bigoted that “she” doesn’t believe a “woman” can model “male” clothes. These gender benders, far from being flexible, are dogmatic on gender roles.

“Andreja” is “her” new name. He has now had himself mutilated and claims it is the culmination of a life-long dream. According to People:

“I always dreamt of being a girl,” explains the Serbian-born model. “One of my earliest memories is spinning around in my mom’s skirt trying to look like a ballerina.”

This is such nonsense. All sorts of homosexuals make up less than three percent of the population in the United States. I’m sure many young boys have an early memory of dressing in woman’s clothing. What does it mean? Nothing.

He then claims that moving from Serbia to Australia was more gender-restrictive. Does anyone believe that? He moved at the age of nine. Isn’t it more reasonable to think that, at nine, he became more aware of gender expectations? Does anyone really believe his experience would have been any different in Serbia?

Liberation occurred at 13 when Andrej (masculine name) discovered the internet and was treated to a fountainhead of pervert propaganda that confirmed his current fantasy.

Going through government regulated channels for a minor to transition required lengthy court processes and she had neither the cash to cover legal fees nor the time, as she knew male hormones were taking effect on her body. “I knew puberty would turn me into something like my brother and father,” notes Pejic, who began taking puberty blockers. 

So a thirteen-year-old was given powerful hormonal drugs to keep him from turning into a full man. This is “being true to myself”?

This man thinks he is now a woman. That is crazy. He is just a man who thinks he is a woman who has recently had himself mutilated. He is now publicly offering himself as a propaganda vehicle to get other impressionable youth to hormonally damage themselves before puberty in order to stay interested in the idea of eventually mutilating themselves. File that under, “the war on boys.” And he is claiming, that nothing more than hormone injections and a carved hole make him a woman (or did he insert silicon bags as well; not sure). Thus, the war on women.

The world is falling into an insupportable gender-fantasy. And the law is being warped in order to coerce everyone else to play along with the pretense.