War On Drugs: Air Force Floods Miami With Cocaine

According to the Costa Rica Star, the United States Air Force transported nearly twenty-four tons of government-seized cocaine from Costa Rica to Miami, Florida, on July 27th.

Commentary and official press releases from Costa Rica’s Organization of Judicial Investigations explain that the Central American nation had been encountering serious problems with the destruction of cocaine bound for the United States that local authorities had confiscated. With so much cocaine to destroy—and with their lone incinerator broken—, the government of Costa Rica had to resort to using a cement factory to dispose of the contraband.  However, their relationship with the factory came to an end when employees and other individuals involved in the risky operation began stealing and stockpiling the drugs on the sly.

According to the Costa Rica Star, Costa Rica’s Organization of Judicial Investigations petitioned the United States’ Drug Enforcement Agency for help, and on July 27th, an American Air Force C-17 left Costa Rica with nearly twenty-four tons of the schedule II central nervous stimulant.  However, few Costa Rican government officials knew about the operation, which has suggested ulterior motives and goals for the transport.

Ironically, the plane’s listed destination was Miami, Florida—one of the principal cocaine capitals of the world.  Even more ironically, the plane made two stops on its way to Miami: once in Nicaragua and once in Honduras.  Moreover, neither the U.S. Air Force nor the Organization of Judicial Investigations has been forthcoming about exactly what happened to the cocaine.  Official press releases explain that their ostensible plan was to incinerate the cocaine with the assistance of the Costa Rican consul in Miami.

However, without any media coverage, independent investigation, or reliable sources, it is impossible to know what happened here.  No one is following this incident.  The military of the world’s leading cocaine market landed without proper permission in a foreign country and obtained nearly twenty-fours tons of a drug so criminalized in America that local governments imprison teenagers caught with just trace amounts of it.  And this plane landed in two other leading cocaine trafficking sites.  And then this plane landed in Miami.  And no one cares.

While other military and government leaders are free to fly around with twenty-four tons of cocaine, local police still arrest and incarcerate petty dealers and users who are perhaps using the same cocaine our government is bringing into the country.  It wasn’t that long ago our own CIA smuggled $14 million of cocaine into Los Angeles to assist the Contras in Nicaragua.  This next double standard in the War on Drugs does not bode well for our nation.