The War On Whites

An employee at the Department of Homeland Security by the name of Ayo Kimathi predicted on his website,, “Warfare is eminent [the ignoramus probably meant “imminent”] and in order for Black [sic] people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites–more than our christian [sic] hearts can possibly count.”

This is not so barbaric a goal when one considers why he wants blacks to kill whites. As he rationalizes, “Whites around the world are absolutely determined to exterminate Afrikan [sic] people in all corners of the Earth.”

What’s behind Kimathi’s belief that whites want to exterminate black people? It probably has much to do with the self-appointed “black leaders” who keep insisting that white society, i.e. America, is inherently anti-black. The President of the United State’s advancement of this notion certainly doesn’t help at all.

But of course, to be anti-black does not mean one wants blacks to be exterminated; however, because violence seems to be the natural recourse of modern-day blacks in resolving issues, they ascribe to whites, in an act of projection, their own barbarism and make the assumption that we too would act out so savagely.

The war on whites continued on Wednesday night when two black teenage males spotted white 88-year-old World War veteran Delbert Belton as he was waiting in his car for a friend outside the Eagles Lodge he frequented. The blacks dragged him out of his car and pummeled his face with large, heavy-duty flashlights. According to Mr. Belton’s daughter-in-law, when police found him lying on the asphalt, he was “bleeding from all parts of his face.” But the old man was still alive when police found him—he survived being shot in Okinawa at age 18, and undoubtedly he was determined not to let his long life end so heinously, so unnecessarily, at the hands of two urbanites who weren’t worth the Nikes they walked in. Sadly, his fighting spirit was no match for his frailty and he passed away in the hospital’s intensive care unit later that same night.

Many whites are not aware of the war on whites, or otherwise choose not to accept it, but in light of recent news reports of black violence against whites, it’s hard to deny it. You can’t win a war you don’t know you’re fighting, so please take heed: we are at war. I don’t advocate actively fighting in it, but defending yourselves in it. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. From the white baby in the stroller who was shot in the face by two black male youths when the baby’s mother said she didn’t have any money, to the white Christopher Lane who was the victim of three blacks (two of whom were Mulattoes) who reasoned that they had nothing better to do, so why not kill someone, to Wednesday night’s savage skull-cracking of Mr. Belton, recent events suggest that the Obama administration’s Ayo Kimathi is not alone in his belief that there is a race war going on right here in America.

It is therefore only prudent to risk being a “racist” if it means survival, and simply avoid any areas that have a high concentration of blacks, whether in daytime or nighttime. There is no reason to take the chance of becoming the target of some “bored” blacks, and there is no reason to risk accidentally coming between two dueling blacks trying to kill each other on the streets. Just stay away and pray you don’t cross the path of two or more who are bored.