Was CIA Director Petraeus Set Up ‘Godfather Style’?

I’m a little suspicious of the sudden resignation of David Petraeus as CIA director based on an extra-marital affair he had. The resignation seems very well timed. This was certainly known before the election. It was Petraeus who gave what some consider to have been “misleading” testimony when he appeared before the House Intelligence Committee on September 14 about the Benghazi attack. Petraeus claimed that the attack was the result of an anti-Islam YouTube video despite an abundance of intelligence information that pointed to a preplanned terrorist assault on the anniversary of 9/11.

It gets even more interesting as The Weekly Standard reports the following:

“Obama administration officials have told reporters that Petraeus’s resignation means he will not testify before congressional oversight committees next week, as planned. This will not sit well with Republicans, who believe Petraeus is in a unique position to shed light on the intelligence on Benghazi before the attack, the decision-making during the attack and the misleading stories told after it.”

Why now and why no testimony? As I said, I’m suspicious.

I’m reminded of the film Godfather II. Pat Geary (played by G. D. Spradlin) is a senator from Nevada who’s almost as corrupt as Michael Corleone. Michael uses the senator’s moral failings to his advantage.

At the Corleone’s son’s First Communion celebration, the senator and his wife are in attendance. The senator accepts a generous donation from the Corleones for the local college in memory of Vito Corleone, Michael’s father and the original Godfather.

Soon after, the senator is in Michael’s private office. Senator Geary wants Michael to pay a bribe in return for a disputed gaming license at one of the casinos in Las Vegas. He tells Michael that he intends to “squeeze” the Corleone family for all he can get. He gives Michael a day to respond to his offer. As Geary is about to leave, Michael tells Geary that he is ready with his answer. He tells the senator that he wants the license for free and that he is to pay the $20,000 licensing fee out of his own pocket. Geary sneers and then leaves figuring he has Michael over a barrel.

It’s at this point that the Godfather goes into action in order to make it impossible for Senator Geary to oppose anything Michael will do:

Some time later, Geary spends the night with a prostitute in a brothel run by Michael’s brother Fredo in the Nevada desert. Having suffered from an alcoholic blackout, he awakens in a bed covered in blood next to [a] woman, who is dead. Corleone family consigliere Tom Hagen arrives on the scene and tells a terrified Geary that since the woman has no family, the matter can be safely covered up. Hagen promises Geary, “All that will be left is our friendship.” It is implied that the Corleones have engineered [the] situation, perhaps through drugging Geary. . . . Subsequently, it appears that the Corleones’ “help” with the incident (in other words, blackmail) sways Geary to the Corleone family’s side.

Was the Petraeus resignation “Godfather politics” in action? The FBI discovered the relationship by monitoring Petraeus’ email on what was said to be “an unrelated matter.” The information about the emails came from “an official who is not authorized to comment publicly on the matter.” I find all of this very odd. Did Obama and Co. use this information to blackmail General Petraeus? Is there more to the story that Petraeus wants kept secret?

Again, I guess I’m just a little suspicious, especially about the part that he won’t be testifying about Benghazi.