Was Dick Morris a Democrat Mole?

A mole is an espionage term. The mole burrows deep into an organization to do two things: (1) find information that could help the group that sent him in as a mole and (2) to sabotage the operation of the enemy. Was Dick Morris a mole for the Democrats, in particular, the Clintons?

Days before the 2012 election, Morris predicted a Romney landslide. He had been making this claim for some time. Here’s what he said to Bill O’Reilly on Fox on October 31st, nearly a week before the election:

O’REILLY: You’re standing by — wait, Morris, wait. I only have a few minutes with you. So you are standing by your prediction of a Romney landslide?

MORRIS: Absolutely. Romney will win this election by 5 to 10 points in the popular vote. And will carry more than 300 electoral votes.

Did Morris purposely ramp up Republican enthusiasm to such an extent that a percentage or two of Republicans stayed home because they didn’t believe they needed to vote?

Morris is no longer with Fox. CNN picked him up. This got me thinking.

Dick Morris was deep in the Clinton Administration from the early days of Bill Clinton’s governorship in Arkansas. The three of them (Hillary included) go back a long way. Consider this history from Wikipedia:

“A friend and adviser to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas, Morris became a political adviser to the White House after Clinton was elected president in 1992. Morris encouraged Clinton to pursue third way policies of triangulation that combined traditional Republican and Democratic proposals, rhetoric, and issues so as to achieve maximum political gain and popularity. He worked as a Republican strategist before joining the Clinton administration, where he helped Clinton recover from the 1994 midterm elections by advising the President to adopt more moderate policies.

“The president consulted Morris in secret beginning in 1994. Clinton’s communications director George Stephanopoulos has said, ‘Over the course of the first nine months of 1995, no single person had more power over the president.’ Morris went on to become campaign manager of Bill Clinton’s successful 1996 bid for re-election to the office of President.

Then things began to unravel with Morris and his old Arkansas political buddies. He needed a job after it was revealed that he let a prostitute listen in on conversations with the President. There was more:

“On the eve of the Democratic Convention in September 1996, Morris was forced to resign as head of Pres. Clinton’s reelection campaign after Sherry Rowlands, a call girl with whom he had a long-term for-pay relationship, sold her story to the supermarket tabloid ‘The Star’ for around $50,000. In the article, Rowlands revealed that Morris had a fetish for toe sucking. . . .”

After these revelations, Morris was damaged goods. He went looking for a new way to find a new stream of income, so he hitched his wagon to the Republicans. What could be better than a guy who was on the other side joining with the opposition?

I believe it was all about money. Morris didn’t care who won. He made money either way:

“Since the Clintons kicked him out, Morris has earned millions as a professional Clinton hater inside the GOP noise machine. He bloviates regularly on the Fox News Channel, writes a syndicated column for the Fox aligned New York Post and has authored several books trashing the senator and ex-president.”

What’s the lesson here? Beware of toe-sucking long-time Clinton lovers bearing gifts.