Washington DC Freezes, Coldest since 1885

Where is global warming when Washington DC freezes and breaks a record of more than a century?

gore winter

The Washington Post website has a long detailed post on the cold weather that has taken up residence around and in our nation’s capital.

In a post mid-week, then again yesterday, we pointed out how unusual it was to get two days with such cold readings last Sunday and Monday. The gist: you need to go back decades to see it.

Then came round two. Yesterday’s high of 21 degrees in D.C. was just below the 22 degrees seen on the “warmest” of the super-cold days over Presidents Day weekend. Taking that 22 degree reading as a ceiling, we find this stretch is truly incredible.

Only 1885 has featured as many super-cold high temperatures as we’ve seen this year during mid-February through the end of the season. We’ve got another likely on the way today to put us over the top.

Looking at days 22 degree or colder highs for all of February through the end of winter, we’re set to fall behind just 1895 (five days with highs 22 or lower) and 1899 (six days with highs 22 or lower). The claim to fame of 1899 is that it featured the coldest weather D.C. has ever seen. It dropped a hard-to-believe all-time low of -15 on Feb. 11th.

Not quite that bad this go around, but we’ll remember it for a long time.

The story says nothing about global warming, of course. But as I’ve noted before, this is entirely hypocritical. If I went to any global warming pusher and asked why the DC area had so many extreme cold temperatures in the 1880s and 1890s, they would jump at the chance to talk about global warming and the additional carbon dioxide that has been put in the atmosphere.

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So now, if we are returning to those temperatures, why shouldn’t we ask about the allegations about global warming?

We obviously should ask!