Washington Post Defends Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare Liar

Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare liar and architect, gets a puff piece.


Here is how the Washington Post handles the admission of what we all already knew was true: “Who Is Jonathan Gruber.”

Jonathan Gruber is probably having a hell of a day.

The MIT economics professor, best known until now for his key role advising the Obama administration on the Affordable Care Act, has come under attack after year-old video of a University of Pennsylvania panel surfaced that featured him referring to the “stupidity of the American voter” and a “lack of transparency” as crucial to the passage of the 2010 health reform law.

Those comments have struck a nerve on the right, with some of the law’s critics pointing to Gruber’s comments as evidence that the administration intentionally deceived the American public on the costs of the program.

It’s a now-familiar position for Gruber, who has become a lightning rod for Obamacare-related controversy in recent months, thanks in large part to his central role designing the law and shepherding it through Congress.

The academic joined the Obama transition team in 2008, with the New York Times referring to him as “Mr. Mandate.” Gruber was reportedly the central figure in convincing the president that a viable health care reform plan would have to include an individual mandate to buy insurance, eventually helping to shepherd the law from its theoretical early stages to its enactment.

Could this be any more demeaning to the people suffering real harm under this Affordable Care Act. Thousands of people are paying more for healthcare they cannot afford to actually use because of this man’s deceit. Yet we are supposed to believe the story is about his suffering? That he has had “a hell of a day.”

The story shows no interest in whether or not it is true that the law was intentionally written in a “tortured” way in order to fool the CBO. It shows no interest in how one of our leading (and well-paid) social engineers thinks that the American majority is stupid and needs to be deceived into laws that they would never allow to pass if they understood them.

None of that matters to the Washington Post.