Wealth TRANSfer: Feds Fund Study on How “Transwomen” Use Social Media.. And Spread Hate?

Without the government who would waste the money?

The amount right now is $194,788, according to the Washington Free Beacon. But this is only the first year of a study that should last until March 2016. So probably there are more borrowed dollars collateralized by taxpayers on the way.

“High-risk male-to-female transgender women (hereafter “transwomen”) face numerous concurrent cofactors for HIV acquisition and transmission including substance use, engagement in sex work, unemployment, low educational attainment, homelessness, and hormone misuse,” the grant’s description reads. “In Los Angeles County, estimates of HIV prevalence among transwomen are 15 [percent] overall, and 17 [percent] among Latinas, 29 [percent] among Native Americans, and 48 [percent] among African American/black transwomen.”

“As a result of discrimination/stigma, prejudice, and individual and structural forms of transphobia, transwomen form dense communities comprised primarily of other transwomen,” it said.

Funny; I thought it was wrong to discriminate against transgenders. But here we have, as the premise of a boondoggle in spending, a claim that transwomen, at least, are known for HIV, prostitution, the inability to hold down a job, being uneducated, homelessness, and drug abuse. Even apart from the obvious disorder of trying to look and act like a woman when one is actually a man, who would want to embrace such risk factors?

Yet the same report that declares all these stereotypes then goes on to talk about “transphobia” as well as “stigma” and “prejudice.” I don’t get it. Didn’t the report just stigmatize “transwomen”? Isn’t associating them with HIV and all these other ugly things spreading prejudice?

Seriously, you know that if I, at Political Outcast, declare “transwomen” to have all these problems, the Left would accuse me of “transphobia.”

So why is it all right for this study to write all these accusations on its grant application?

More importantly, why is this kind of lunacy receiving Federal funding?