WebMD: A Lesson In How Government Buys Off Societal Leadership

The Washington Times today is reporting another instance of how the state subverts and takes over society using its leverage in taxed or borrowed money. In this case, it is about how WebMD a supposedly private website and resource was paid millions to produce Obamacare propaganda.

But this shouldn’t surprise us. This is no different from the state department going to Syria, picking out who they want to be the “popular leadership” of the country, and throwing money at them to give them prestige and power as US government quislings. The Feds follow the same strategy in every foreign society they invade liberate. Massive amounts of money allow them to produce a native leadership that will encourage their countrymen to comply with our wishes.

Two months before enrollment began in the Obamacare exchanges, the administration’s top health care official heaped praise on WebMD for launching an online resource to help Americans navigate the complex law.

The consumer health care site had the occasional nice thing to say about Obamacare, too. In one article, it predicted doctors might pick up more patients and crowed in an article titled “7 Surprising Things About the Affordable Care Act” that many consumers already had received insurance refunds under the law.

But what neither Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius nor WebMD mentioned at the time was that the company, which millions of Americans regularly read for health news, also stood to earn millions of dollars from a federal contract to teach doctors about Obamacare…

WebMD says it doesn’t believe it had an obligation to disclose to its broad consumer base its $4.8 million contract with the government. The company says the contract, while awarded to WebMD, went through its Medscape platform, which provides continuing education to doctors in a password-protected portal and is run independently from WebMD’s news operation.

Of course they didn’t believe they had an obligation. If they had told people about how Obamacare had become a huge customer to their website then people might have been less trusting when they sang the praises of Obamacare. Actually, I should say, when they made stuff up. Doctors with more patients?

If you don’t already know how this works, let this be a learning opportunity. Included in every program that Congress creates is a financed liars’ brigade. They don’t just want to do a deed, they want to strut about it and tell you how wonderful life is now that the government has rescued you. If you have driven through farmland in some of our Western states you have seen the billboards reminding farmers how happy they should be about the ethanol requirements that degrade per gallon mileage in every vehicle in the country.

But these liar’s brigades work best when they aren’t an official government agency or hosted on a .gov website. Simply by virtue of its vast financial power, Big Government can simply buy the secret ambassadors it needs. Most of the time we will never learn of the payoff.

Let this news about WebMD make you think about how often the same thing might have happened before.