Weiner No Longer Useful To Huma, So Hillary Demands She Dump Him

The Washington Times reports:

“Huma Abedin, a top staffer for Hillary Clinton and the wife of beleaguered and scandalized Anthony Weiner, was told to give her husband the boot—or leave the Clinton camp.”

The anonymous source is quoted numerous times (with attribution to The New York Post). The thing with anonymous sources, though, is that while it’s usually smart to take everything they say with a grain of all-natural sea salt, it’s worth keeping in mind that anonymous sources have nothing to gain in the way of fame. Most importantly, this just sounds exactly like something Hillary Clinton would do.

The Post reports that while Clinton did warn Abedin to distance herself from her husband because of his “gotta send my penis pictures to someone” compulsions, it was Weiner’s childish presentment of his middle finger to a reporter after his concession speech that was the last straw.

I think there’s something else going on, though. As I predicted would happen if and when Weiner lost the New York City mayoral race, his wife would divorce him within a year of his loss. Their marriage is as farcical as that between Huma’s employer and her husband, one William Jefferson Clinton.

One could see in the poorly hidden smirks of both Huma and Anthony, when Anthony was admitting for the second time that he just couldn’t seem to break the bond between his penis and his camera phone, that they were not in love, that they were in this marriage for political reasons. All male politicians need to have wives if they hope to win an election, and this particular male’s wife wanted the prestige of being First Lady of the most famous city in the world.

Hillary ascended the ladder of power by riding on the bodily-fluid-stained coattails of her husband throughout his presidency despite his serial unfaithfulness and debauchery, and now she is telling her decades-long aide (and credibly rumored bisexual lover) that since her weenie of a husband is now permanently politically impotent, it’s time to dump him. “If you stick with that loser, you’re proving yourself an idiot, and I can’t have idiots around me if I’m going to run for President. Besides, he is no longer of any use to you.” Hillary never had to resort to dumping Bill because he didn’t lose his elections; he was the ideal stepping stone for her from one political job to the next.

The aide doesn’t fall far from the boss. Huma followed Hillary’s example and stuck by her man for power. Now powerless, he is nothing to her. I give their marriage no more than another six months.