Welfare & Immigration: Things I Am Sick of Hearing

I’m sick of all the screaming about illegal immigrants receiving welfare.

Don’t get me wrong, they should not get a cent of welfare. But, at the same time, they should not get a cent less than any American citizen.

Because there should be no federal welfare program. That is a fact both ethically and constitutionally. Ethically, I don’t think there should be state-level welfare either, though I don’t think it is actually a constitutional issue for any state of the Union.

But I constantly see illegal immigrants singled out.

Like I’m supposed to be proud of fellow Americans using their EBT cards at porn shops across the country.

Americans are generous and helpful. Charity at gunpoint is both uncharitable and insulting to American society. And Americans would never be stupid enough to help people shop at a lingerie shop. Only government can be that stupid and evil.

End welfare and let the people make their own choices about where they can best work and live. Immigration would automatically slow.

If you leave out honey it is stupid to blame the ants. And it is dishonest.

Of course, I know better. Easy citizenship wrecks my simple dream. The ideology of democracy makes every peaceful immigrant into an armed foreign invader. And party politics mean that someone always has an incentive to try to loosen citizenship requirements (which are already too loose!) and reap an army of new voters.

So I have to oppose “immigration reform,” not because I am hostile to immigrants but because I don’t want to empower the democratic Left. I hate it but that is reality.

But the best way to slow down immigration, if it is motivated by access to welfare, is to end welfare.

And another thing…

I’m sick of hearing people condemn welfare deadbeats and yet insist that the motives of everyone who supports government welfare are so good and noble.

That is a perverse lie.

Pimping and prostitution are both sins, but claiming the pimps have good intentions while dwelling on the sins of the prostitute herself is a display of perverse priorities.

People going through hard times who are shepherded by bribes into intergenerational poverty are the victims. They are raised by the state and show the evidence of bad parenting. They may have become personally reprehensible, and often do, but they didn’t make the system that taught them to be perpetually dependent.

The people with the power to set up this system are evil. It is the college-“educated” middle class voter who is going to be called into account on the Day of Judgment for maintaining this baited trap for the poor and minorities.