Wendy Davis, from Fake Teen Mother to Gun Rights Defender?

The lesson here is that liberals, no matter how much they rant and pose for one another, have no chance seducing Americans to ditch the Second Amendment.

When she held office in the Texas state senate, the NRA gave Wendy Davis an “F for her stance on guns and gun control.

Now, after the scandal over her public lies about her history, Davis seems to suddenly want to move her grade higher.

According to SunHerald.com:

While Democrats elsewhere have called for tighter gun laws, Davis said she owns a handgun for protection, plans to obtain a concealed handgun license, and supports legislation that allows workers to keep guns in their vehicles at work.

“I think I have been pretty strong in supporting the expansion of the rights of gun ownership,” she said.

Pretty strong? Then why did the NRA mistakenly give her such a low mark?

As Breitbart comments on her new position:

This might come as a surprise to those who know Davis as a one-trick pony on abortion, which she has tied to feminism and made a platform out of. After all, gun rights are not mentioned anywhere on the “Issues” portion of her website, and she herself has said little about guns until today. Perhaps this is because before she suddenly did an about-face on the matter so strong as to want to pass legislation that lets Texans leave guns in their cars at work, she was one of the NRA’s worst enemies in the Texas Senate.

Notice that, when Wendy Davis is losing popularity because she is embroiled in a scandal, she develops a strategy that she thinks will win her back support. She comes out in favor of gun rights and makes proposals for how to expand them in her state.

If you want evidence that opposing gun rights is a losing position to take in most major elections, then here it is! The only reason Wendy Davis would possibly change her direction on gun control and gun rights is because she thinks it will help her win the election to become governor of Texas.

I doubt it will be enough, but it is nice to have a Liberal confirm for us that the nation is more conservative than the media or the Democratic Party will often admit.