While the West Declines Middle-Eastern Christians Stand

Middle-Eastern Christians are putting their lives on the line to stand against the Islamic State. What a contrast with the West!

Behold the results of debauched American leadership.

  • Afghanistan – descending into chaos.
  • Libya – Now in the hands of ISIS.
  • Iraq – we removed a dictator (our former friend) and left anarchy.

Everywhere we go these days we leave behind destruction and death.

You never get involved in a battle without a clear and noble and achievable end. The American elite are… I hesitate, but I have to say it: fools.

Highly-educated fools.

And the American people who elect them are fools as well.

Until we quit voting for figureheads—empty suits, men of little personal character—these will be the results of everything we do, here or abroad. Chaos, destruction, impoverishment, death.

  • Obamacare isn’t about health care, it’s about power and theft.
  • Climate Change isn’t about science, it’s about power and theft.
  • The Federal Reserve isn’t about general prosperity, it’s about power and theft.

I could go on and on.

It’s time to end this demonic cycle, before the entire world is plunged into darkness and war. Unfortunately, we may be too late. World War—for those with eyes to see—is on the cusp of breaking out. The Middle East is on the edge of a mushroom cloud, and even nations like Latvia in Europe are preparing to battle for their survival.

Are you paying attention? Are you praying?

The men described in this article are training to fight for their homes and families. The least we can do is pray for those our leadership has put into the crosshairs. It is from the Daily Signal: “‘We Love This Land’: Iraqi Christian Men Fight to Keep ISIS Away From Homes.”

Athra Kado had never shot a gun before, let alone seen a battlefield.

Until recently Kado, 25, spent his young career in a classroom, teaching high school students how to speak Syriac, his native language.

But Kado is one of hundreds of Assyrian Christian men—many with no military experience—taking up arms to protect their towns from ISIS terrorists who invaded this part of Iraq early last year.

“If we don’t have land to live, what’s the purpose of teaching a language?” Kado tells The Daily Signal in a Skype interview from a former U.S. military facility outside the city of Kirkuk, where he is finishing up a training camp with 500 or so amateur fighters.

Recruits to the new Christian militia, or battalion, say their villages and families were abandoned by Iraqi government and peshmerga forces last summer, letting the terrorists seize control.

Since then, some 30,000 Christians have fled the Nineveh plains—an area inhabited by minority groups such as Iraqi Christians, Yezidis and Shabaks.

Without official government support, and with minimal equipment primarily funded through donations, the young Christian men—most in their early to mid 20s—feel a responsibility to defend their own.

[See also, “Barack Obama’s Christian Faith Still Missing in Action in Iraq.”]

iraqi Xian Fighters

Seventy-five percent of the Christians in Iraq are dead or on the run. ISIS could not be more wrong about America resembling anything close to “Crusaders” of the Cross. We are enemies of the Cross, doing the Devil’s bidding. God forgive us.

Godspeed, dear Assyrian brothers. May He deliver you from the dragon’s mouth.

P.S. Notice one huge symbolic difference between the pictures in this article and those of the ISIS cowards who beheaded the Copts in Libya (and ISIS elsewhere): They are willing to show their faces, rather than hiding behind masks. ISIS speaks such bold words, but they’re too frightened to even show the world who they are.